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Some people travel to surf, but often I feel like I’m surfing so I can travel.” 

Brasil Downwind

The Brazil Downwind team is made up of two passionate kitesurfers who live in Paracuru.  Alain is French, Lalim is Brazilian and between them they speak more than 5 languages! 🇪🇸 🇧🇷 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇮🇹

Our Franco-Brazilian team is :

  • Certified as «IKO instructors»

  • Recognized by the OLK network as Downwind Guide.

We are professionals and experts in the organization of Downwind and the teaching of good kitesurfing practices.

Our experience and our perfect knowledge of the Brazilian Northeast coastline allow us to accompany you in a personalized way and in optimal safety conditions.  Our two instructors are with you all along your trip:

🌊 In the water to assist you as closely as possible, in permanent radio contact.

🧰 On land with a 4×4 assistance that secures your course throughout the Downwind

We are by your side, because it is a real passion for us to be able to practice kitesurfing and share this incredible feeling of freedom that only the glide can provide!  

You will understand once you are there, after your first Downwind stage.  😉

Your IKO Instructors

A Franco-Brazilian team of 2 instructors passionate about Kite Surfing and Wing Surfing



Alain Bronner discovered Brazil in 2017 and it was such a love at first sight that he decided to change his life to live in Paracuru, 6 months of the year and found “Brasil Downwind“.

Formerly Co-founder and Director of a well known event agency in Cannes, France, he sold his company to share his passion for Kitesurfing and Wind Surfing.

His intention is also to participate positively and actively in the local economy of Nordeste Brazil, by transmitting his knowledge and experience in the organization and management of tourist groups to Brazilians: Methods, processes, management and above all the pleasure of making a success of a group event around the same passion for sport.

A qualified IKO Instructor, recognised as an OLK Tour Guide, he is also a sailing instructor and former top sportsman.

Alain knows the sea very well and he will be an experienced and reassuring advisor for you, guaranteeing the success of your Downwind.

Dinaja Nocrato Soares is the co-founding partner of Brasil Downwind. Everyone calls him “Lalim“.

He is an instructor at the Paracuru Kite School. This outstanding sportsman was almost born on a surfboard – he has been kiting for more than 20 years with an infectious passion and enthusiasm.

Lalim is an instructor like few others; A real “Suisse Knife” he accompanies our international clients on the water, experiencing the ride with them and sharing the same thrill. A polyglot, he offers our international clients personalised advice and fluid communication in French, English, Spanish, Italian and of course Portuguese!

As shown in the photos, Lalim always has a smile on his face and a cool attitude that is very specific to Brazilian culture.  You will regularly hear him say his favourite phrase: “No stress, relax, everything is fine!

He is happy to share with you the best addresses and the best spots to visit in the Northeast of Brazil.

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