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The French speaking network of kitesurfing enthusiasts

Philippe Ancelin fondateur réseau OLK DOWNWIND KITESURF BRESIL

Philippe ANCELIN and Alain Bronner

Founder of O.L.K and Founder of Brasil Downwind

O.L.K was created by Philippe Ancelin, a kitesurfing enthusiast and teaching specialist.

Philippe created the O.L.K network with the idea of helping kitesurfing learners to find reliable French speaking instructors and service providers all over the world. One cannot improvise an instructor and the quality of the teaching must be guaranteed by a “reference standard”. This is the goal of the O.LK. network, which is the first and only network of French-speaking kitesurfing providers guaranteeing quality teaching and support in Downwind courses.

We are proud to be part of this reference network. In order to accompany you safely and to share with you the passion of kitesurfing, we follow precise progression chronologies. We teach you how to choose and use the right equipment and we introduce you to new tricks step by step. In two words, we maximize the pleasure of kitesurfing and minimize the risk of injury.

To discover the best practices of kitesurfing, you can watch the tutorial videos made by O.L.K. They are a good basis for learning and putting into situation.

Brasil Downwind

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